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An Investment in Your Future as a Mediator

As a mediator, I know “I’m a Mediator, Now What?” may look expensive at first glance, especially for those of you just beginning to launch your practice. To add business perspective to your decision about this training, I want to give you some numbers.

If you charge $120/hr for your mediation services and each case takes a minimum of 4 hours, you’ll be billing for $480 on each case. This means that you will only need 3 cases to get complete return on your investment.

All of these consultants have spent time with me learning about the field and the struggles that we face so that they can provide the greatest benefit possible. My original hope was that the three primary consultants (Cynthia, Jenn, & Georgine) would spend a few hours teaching specific pieces of the training. The reality is that they are all so excited to help with this project that they have agreed to be present for the majority of the courses.

If you wanted to hire all three of the consultants for 20 hours of services, it would cost you about $9,000. Instead, you are gaining access to these consultants for an hourly rate of less than $70.

As with our clients, there is a learning curve for consultants who can help with your practice. These consultants have already spent a great deal of time studying the problems faced by mediators. They will walk in the door ready to give you the information you need.

I was trained as a mediator in 2003 and have been acting as a volunteer mediator and a support person for mediators and mediation organizations since then. I have helped draft marketing and business plans, represented mediators and mediation as a CCMO board member and president, helped to revamp training programs and have served as a coach and mentor in the mediation community. While completing my master’s degree, I have had amazing opportunities to see the similarities and differences between the theory and practice of mediation.

As mediators, I believe we have so much to offer our clients, but mediation isn’t like teaching or law enforcement or nursing. People aren’t familiar with the profession of mediation, and we need to explain it to them. This training will help us get people through our doors so we can prove our value and help people find solutions to the conflicts that are consuming them.

You won’t find a training like this anywhere else. If you are serious about building your mediation practice, make this investment in your practice so we can elevate the mediation profession together.

Learn more about this training and how you can register.