Welcome to The Solutions Group Blog!

Today, we are launching The Solutions Group Blog — a resource for people looking for information and services related to conflict resolution and mediation. We hope this will become a gathering place where professionals in conflict resolution can share ideas and grow awareness for this exciting industry.

If you have ideas for posts or discussions, just let us know. We look forward to helping you find the solutions you need!


One response to “Welcome to The Solutions Group Blog!

  1. Hi guys! Good to see another group in the Conflict Resolution mix.
    We are in an era of crisis, from which conflicts can/will grow from latency to overt, damaging actions. Unfortunately, realization of these consequences come too late. The main problem we face over here in getting across the value of conflict resolution and management is educating others on conflict itself, or, rather, the roots of conflict and its dangers.
    The India/Pakistan situation is a prime example of this. Tensions have been “strained” for years, but since nothing happened, no one took initiatives…and why would they? as most people asked. Misunderstanding of the conflict process is the prime obstacle. Here is where my focus….uh, focuses.

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